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Your Precinct Card

Click HERE to learn what information is on your precinct card.

Precinct Chairs

What are the duties of a Precinct Chair?

      1.   Help promote our candidates’ campaigns in your Precinct;  

      2.   Grow the Party base in your Precinct by building contact lists, walking neighborhoods,  
            recruiting new block captains and Precinct officers; and

      3.   Contribute to the management of the County Republican Party by actively serving and voting on County Party business.

The organization of the Republican Party is grassroots, unlike the Democratic Party that is organized top down. With this organization, YOU have a say in the leadership and activities of the group.  


Precinct Chairs grow the base of the party by recruiting more leaders into the Republican organization starting at the precinct level. You do this by finding others in your neighborhood to help promote candidates and campaigns, by appointing those willing to organize their  neighborhood as neighborhood and block captains. In fact, the more people you can help get  involved in the process, the better our grassroots efforts will be when we need to get out the  

Precinct Chairs who take their responsibilities seriously provide huge benefits for our candidates  
and our Party. When the grassroots engage on the local level, voters have more opportunities to  
have conservative, Republican representation at every level of government. What’s more, when  
the grassroots helps to elect Republican office holders, those office holders are more accountable  
to the values and principles of the Republican Party.

Want to join our efforts?  Please contact us to help us work toward electing conservative leadership NOW!

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